Contact Us

YUSO can be easily reached by email at yuso[at] Our team of dedicated Yalies will do their best to give you a timely response, hopefully within 18-24 hours.

Important: Details and various logistics for our invitational will be posted under the “For Registered Teams” tab as we finalize them. News stories will also be posted with the latest updates under the “News” tab.

  • Please use subject headings that are as descriptive as possible. We anticipate a high volume of emails from students, coaches, and others, and thus need to be organized and systematic. This will assist us in replying and serving you as best as we can. Emails with generic subjects such as “Questions” or “YUSO” are vague and can take longer for a response to be written. Instead, emails should be titled something like “Rules Clarification for [event name] from [HS name]” or “Interest in Supervising for Invitationals.”
  • Please include as much identification information as possible so we know who you are, e.g., school, role (student, coach), etc.

Thank you very much for your patience and interest in YUSO. We look forward to communicating with you.