About Us

  2018-2019 Executive Board

Cory Wu GH ’21

Executive Director


Major: Ecological and Evolutionary Biology
High School: Granada Hills Charter High School, CA
Favorite Events: Experimental Design, Chemistry Lab, Material Science
Contact: cory.wu@yale.edu

Jason Wu BC ‘21



Major: Computer Science
High School: Montgomery High School, NJ
Favorite Events: Anatomy & Physiology, Disease Detectives, Protein Modeling

Karen Tai PC ‘21

Director of Logistics


Major: Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
High School: Deerfield Academy, MA
Favorite Events: Forestry, Water Quality, Protein Modeling

Chelsea Wang TD ‘21

Director of Human Resources


Major: Undeclared
High School: Fossil Ridge, CO
Favorite Events:  Protein Modeling, Anatomy and Physiology

Diana Ruiz ES ‘20



Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
High School: Ronald W. Reagan HS, FL
Favorite Events:  Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology, Chemistry Lab

Royce Lee PC ‘21

Director of Exam Integrity


Major: Undeclared
High School: Harriton, PA
Favorite Events: Invasive Species, Astronomy, Entomology

Janine Tu ES ’22

Director of Exam Integrity


Major: Undeclared
High School: Enloe, NC
Favorite Events: Materials Science, Remote Sensing, Hydrogeology

Jason Yang SM ‘21

Director of Exam Integrity


Major: Chemical Engineering
High School: New Trier, IL
Favorite Events: Material Science, Astronomy, Hovercraft

Leadership Emeritus

Gina Zhu ES ‘20



Major: Molecular, Cellular , Developmental Biology
High School: Jonathan Law, CT
Favorite Events: Disease Detectives, Anatomy & Physiology, Cell Biology

Kento Tanaka TD ‘20


Major: Linguistics
High School: Iolani, HI
Favorite Events: