Car Parking

Parking is abundant and available to passenger cars in and around the Yale campus. We recommend the following garages and parking lots as shown in the map below. 

Shown in black is the building WLH where most team homerooms are located. Some other homerooms are in LC, at the intersection of Chapel and High.

All garages charge a fee of around $5 to $7 per hour up to a daily max. They are the safest and most secure parking option. Downtown meters are available and require coins or a credit card. Residential streets require permits and are inaccessible.

  • Red: Chapel-York Garage, 150 York St
  • Blue: Broadway Parking Lot, Broadway & Elm St
  • Purple: Grove St Garage, 65 Grove St
  • Green: Temple St Garage, Temple & Crown St

Click the map for an interactive view.

Last updated: 11/12/15