Campus Map

A map of campus can be found below. Buildings of pertinence to YUSO have been circled in pink for convenience. Color copies of the map will be available and distributed in WLH throughout the day.
Most team homerooms are located in WLH​ (see Team Numbers & Rooms). Some others are in LC.

The following building abbreviations are used in the schedule and defined for use on the map:

  • WLH - William L. Harkness Hall
  • LC – Linsly-Chittenden Hall
  • ML – Mason Lab
  • LOM – Leet Oliver Memorial 
  • HLH – 17 Hillhouse Avenue
  • PWG – Payne Whitney Gym

An official tour of Yale’s campus will take place at 1:30 P.M. from the Visitor Center (circled on map).

Click the map for a printer-friendly version.

Last updated: 12/28/15