What We Do

As an enthusiastic group of Science Olympiad aficionados, we are dedicated to cultivating a tradition of SO both within and beyond Yale's campus. Currently, members of the group are involved in the following activities:

Hosting Invitational Tournament

The Yale Invitational is the first and oldest student-organized invitational in the country. The entire competition, from management to logistics to exam writing, is run by Yale students in January every year (although we welcome and encourage coaches and other affiliates of the SO community to assist us in this effort if at all possible). We first came up with the idea of hosting a Science Olympiad tournament at Yale in January 2013 during one of our group meetings. As a group, our combined experience in SO and expertise in different STEM fields gave us a great foundation to establish a new annual tournament held on Yale's campus. The Yale Invitational has now inspired the founding of invitational tournaments at other universities in the country, including MIT, Cornell, and the University of Georgia.

Volunteering at Competitions

Our main volunteering focus is the Connecticut B and C Division state competitions held at Irving A. Robbins Middle School in Farmington and the University of Connecticut at Storrs, respectively. Students assist in all areas including serving as event supervisors, writing exams, coordinating registration, proctoring events, and grading. In the past couple of years, we have also expanded our volunteering reach to competitions in neighboring New York and Massachusetts.