Director’s Statement

Raeven Grant SM ‘19


Major: Cognitive Science
High School: Jonathan Law, CT

Dear Science Olympiad Coaches, Competitors, and Enthusiasts,

My name is Raeven Grant and I am thrilled to serve as the director of Yale’s fourth Science Olympiad invitational. As a Connecticut native, who competed with a very young team, I have fond memories of attending YUSO’s first invitational. YUSO gave me the opportunity to explore science outside of the classroom, the confidence to compete against more experienced teams, and friends I will cherish forever. 

At YUSO, one of our primary goals is to provide high school students with these same opportunities, while fostering their confidence and creating a space where friendships flourish! In the past, we have seen teams compete for the very first time! We work very hard to ensure that the invitational is fun and productive. I look forward to welcoming you to YUSO’s invitational in January.